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This competition is about breaking the conventional student mindset on science and pushing innovation and creativity to tackle real-world problems using the research tools we have today. To find out more and to register for the USCC 2018-2019 Competition, go to this website. Also check out the McMaster SciNapse page here. The deadline to register is October 31.

DeltaHacks V

This is McMaster’s annual Major League Hackathon (MLH), students in all fields of study will come together to build real world applications that create positive change. The difference between DeltaHacks and other hackathons is that elements of design thinking are embraced to make “hacks” that solve real world problems. The ultimate goal is to include, not only the engineering and computer science students, but all talented individuals from all backgrounds to collaborate, create, and bring ideas to life. Info and application is here.

Innovation Nation Student Showcase

Have a innovative project? The Innovation Nation Student showcase is the perfect stage to show it off. Organized by the Centre for Minimal Access Surgery, the conference hosts industry professionals, researchers, and investors who are especially interested in Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences. The deadline to register for an exhibit is December 7, 2018. You can also attend to hear presentations of the latest research done in medicine - NASA and IBM made appearances last year. Please visit this website for more info. Registration for the student showcase is here.